Tiderace Pace Evoke and Pace Tour photos

Aled Williams convinced a couple of his friends to try out the new models from Tiderace on the water: Pace Tour and Pace Evoke.  More information about the new models




3 thoughts on “Tiderace Pace Evoke and Pace Tour photos

  1. Just purchased a Pace 17 Tour from Expedition Kayaks in Sydned Australia. It’s a great ocean boat and so far seems to tick all the boxes. I especially like the large hatch on the front, easier access for bulkier camping gear . I think this is the future for sea kayaks, craft that are a bit quicker but don’t sacrifice the necessary stability and comfort of the traditional sea kayak. Have also tried it out on some breaking half meter waves and found that it picks them up quicker and tracks well when on the wave.
    Well done Tiderace, you have a winner in the Pace 17

  2. It’s a bit over 2 and half years since my last posting and I’ve just clocked up 2000 klms. in the Pace 17 Tour. After taking this boat through all conceivable conditions ( I have to admit that at times the sea conditions were so bad I really shouldn’t have gone out onto the ocean), I still can’t fault this kayak . For its size it’s a fast touring sea kayak with excellent stability characteristics for my level of experience ( experienced). By far my favourite conditions for paddling the Pace are on days when I paddle out for about 10 klms. into a stiff brease then return with a big following sea with lots of running swells. At almost 64 I’m unable to complete any big epic paddles but love hearing of others doing them in a Pace 17.

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