Reviews of Xtra and Xplore

Tiderace dealers on opposite sides of the planet have been working hard and testing their Tiderace boats to get a better understand of how they perform.

  1. The Xtra in moving water from Roddy McDowell, Kayak Bute, Scotland
  2. The Xplore long term review from Rob Mercer from Expedition Kayaks, Sydney, Australia

The Xtra in moving water

The Xtra holds the promise of opening new horizons in how play can integrate with journeying on the sea.

Tiderace Xtra review

The Xplore long term review

I have paddled it in seas to 2m with winds of 20-25knots, swells to 2.5 metres and rebounding waves and small surf.

Xplore Review

Thanks to Roddy and Mark & Rob